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PROFOH is headquartered in the United States of America with most of the prominent Global Board Members and Advisory Board Members forming the HQ team which runs PROFOH Internationally.

Since 1998, PROFOH and its partners have conducted several education missions in public and private schools; provided writing desks; awarded scholarships; donated medical equipment and supplies to several public and private hospitals in Ghana and Nigeria; provided hundreds of households with filters for safe drinking water; immunized more than 50,000 children against Polio; and performed over 15,000 bold surgeries and more than 1.4 million out patients cases globally.


As an organization, we have organized world class summits and forums to recommend solutions to policy makers and respective governments on how to improve the underfunded public health sector, expand Socialized medicines and to create a better world.

PROFOH has also participated in several global conferences, roundtables and dialogues, among which are:

United Nations Conference of State parties in Marrakesh – Morocco, Dubai – UAE, Athens – Greece, Vienna – Austria, Amman – Jordan, Istanbul -Turkey, World Bank Springs Meeting Dialogue, Washington, DC, United States.


The organization has received ten international honors and awards, including Humanitarian Organization of the Year 2013 by GTF London and City of Athens, Greece as well as the 2021 Go-Global Award by International Trade Council, Washington, D.C., USA.


Ms. Amena Nazami is  Country Director and also responsible for PROFOH international coordination and development of partnerships in the Gulf States, India, Thailand, etc. Ms. Nazami has two decades experience in public health administration and evidence-based health systems management in diagnostics and investigations, as well as special nursing care and hospital management.

She is also a Peace Ambassador and consulted for some large nonprofit organizations outside the United States. Ms. Nazami has championed the social inclusion of people with disability and their access to technology in the developing countries bridge the social gap between North and South.

PROFOH Headquarters Address: 

112 Upsal Street, SE, Washington, DC 20032-2481, USA. 


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