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Community Interventions

Community Intervention - NEPAL EARTHQUAKE RESPONSE


Massive Earthquake hits Nepal destroying the infrastructure damaging building and making people homeless. Our team was on the ground as first responders, assessing humanitarian and recovery needs, coordinating with local partners and lending immediate helping hand to populations in distress. Hospitals in the Kathmandu Valley were overflowing and running out of medical supplies, and in Gorkha, one of the most devastated districts, it was estimated that 80% of houses were destroyed. Families slept outside, scared by the damage to buildings and the threat of aftershocks. Nearly 5 million people were helpless, terrified and in danger. Potable water became everything to those families who had lost everything in the earthquake. On the ground, we were focused on reaching families whose lives were in danger - providing them with the emergency supplies especially water they needed to survive for days. We distributed blankets and other emergency supplies for families.