People in poor countries tend to have less access to health services than those in better-off countries, and within countries, the poor have less access to health services.


Our primary goal is to respond to medical and social emergencies with swift and direct interventions. We began our work in 1998 with the help of partner organizations such as the US-based Medical Mission International and Earthwide Surgical Foundation.


PROFOH is proud to have performed over 10,000 life–saving surgeries; immunized about 10,000 children against Polio; provided several communities with portable water and another 5,000 households from our safe water filters, awarded several scholarships and renovated public schools.


At the same time more than 1.2 million outpatients have benefited from clinical consultations and treatments in countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, Tobago, Mexico, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Kenya, Jamaica, Nepal, Ethiopia, etc.

This mission had Dr. Stuart Quartemont teamed up with Dave Cook  for two weeks and performed this services locally in developing countries like Nigeria and many times to help people who would otherwise have to travel abroad to waste their money as most of this illness are so advance that nothing can be done medically. PROFOH performed several surgeries at Gida Mangoro Hospital way back in  2010. It was very gratifying to know that our work led to the renovation and upgrade of the Hospital, staff expressed appreciation to Dr. Quartemont and Kama for making it possible to attract Government attention.


Professionals For Humanity (PROFOH) is proud to have conducted a medical mission in Honduras in Central America and was even prouder that our very own Board member, Dr. Conrado Ordonez, led the team that included other supporters and friends of PROFOH such as Dr. John Simmons and Dr. Church Gils. Both are renowned family medicine physicians/surgeons, Simmons have served with PROFOH in Africa in the past. The mission covered a one- week period and took place at Hospital Bautista Guaimaca, Honduras. The medical mission involved surgeries and out-patient  consultations including training of local health workers. Local experts also assisted the team. Over 300 patients benefited from surgical and clinical consultations and treatment. Plans are in advanced stage for the next medical mission in Honduras for later this year or early next year. The Chairman and the entire Board express their profound gratitude to Dr. Conrado for his leadership and passion for medical missions on behalf of our organization. Dr. Conrado has also represented PROFOH at the World Bank/IMF meetings in Washington, DC in addition to conducting several medical missions in Africa.


As always, Dr Brian Camazine, President ESF and Board member PROFOH, made another mission trip to NCH Nigeria. During the 5 weeks trip, 13 Nigerian upper level healthcare workers participated, and they acquired valuable experience and exposure to handle complex surgical cases. Many nursing and medical students were also present. Over 700 patients were treated and 138 operations performed. All members of the team were Nigerians except Dr. Camazine. This aspect of the trip is quite unique and Dr. Camazine is very proud to get such a strong local participation. The mandate of ESF is also provide education and manpower development. The previous 4 weeks mission that took place in June was very similar to this one in content and delivery as Over 700 patients were treated and 121 operations performed. Dr.  Camazine and his team have performed over 550 surgeries since the beginning for this year. The next medical mission from him is schedule to take place in November. . The Chair and the entire Board express their profound gratitude to Dr. Camazine for his amazing dedication.

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Brian Camazine Medical Mission at NCH -Nigeria

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between an angel of God and some humans because of the latter’s devotion and dedication to humanitarian causes. But as a humanitarian organization with nearly twenty years of experience, we’ve developed the knack of identifying angels in human form in our midst. Dr. Brian  Camazine, President, Earthwide Surgical Foundation based in Texas and Board Member of PROFOH, we are very proud for his life of service to Nigeria as a country ,he was in Nigeria in January and came back last month. He performed hundreds of life-saving surgeries at NCH our Mission Headquarters in South–East of Nigeria, while Gokana is the headquarters in of the South- South. Camazine performed over a hundred surgeries on this trip, he will be back shortly. Surgery is more than just a profession for Dr Camazine. “I consider myself lucky,” he says, “because my hobby also happens to be my job.”


PROFOH Egypt Intensive Medical Mission

The decision that enabled Dr. Mosafa Sabra to seat in an acting capacity for his colleague and very close friend Dr Ahmed Adel Ragab who has been our organization’s Country Director in Egypt since 2013, was a great one. Dr. Ragab is currently on study leave as a PhD candidate at the Erasmus University Rotterdam The Netherlands. As a cardiothoracic surgeon studying in the Netherlands, Dr. Ragab recruited some volunteer doctors for PROFOH and coordinating with his successor back home in Egypt. Dr Sabra is also a director with our partner organization, Social Leaders Society of Egypt. He is a highly talented ophthalmologist.   He and his team which include Dr. Kadoum have long-standing experience in medical missions. This joint mission took place in the  New Valley Government State, South Western Egypt, about One and half hour by air, 10 hours by train, or 14 hours by bus from the Capital. At the end of this four days intensive mission, 115 surgeries were performed and 1265 clinical cases were seen by 15 medical personnel specialized in Opthalmology, OBY/GYN, Pediatrics and Orthopedic. Last year December, PROFOH also conducted a similar medical mission in the area where 4155 patients were seen and 133 surgeries performed.


PROFOH/Partners in Collaboration with Social Leaders Society
PROFOH Team: Mr. Rami Ali & Dr. Rania Ihab 
Conducting Medical Outreach Mission in Egypt:
Venue: Farafra Hospital,  New Valley State.
Date: 19-24 Sept. 2022
Time: 8.00am Daily 
Host: New Valley Government Egypt