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Dr. Safia Umar is the Chair and Dr. Safiya is a highly skilled family medicine physician graduated with Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery and a Master’s degree in Public Health and is expected to pursue her PhD soon. She leads a team of prominent Nigerians whose responsibility is to safeguard the organization vision and mission and provides strategic orientation to our interventions across the Country. 

PROFOH – Nigeria board has the most distinguished, honorable and high profile members. 

PROFOH is headquartered in the United States of America with most of the prominent Global Board Members and Advisory Board Members forming the HQ team which runs PROFOH Internationally.

Professionals For Humanity (PROFOH) is a global brand that was established in October 1998, during the interventions in the Jesse Fire Disaster in Delta State, Nigeria. That mission was supported by the Netherlands Embassy, South Africa High Commission, UNICEF, etc.


Since inception, our mandate has been to provide emergency services portfolio that consists of health, quality education, safe drinking water, poverty reduction interventions and Climate Sustainability . around the world. Our global membership is about 10,000 professionals.


PROFOH’s headquarters was located first in Texas (2014) and recently we have moved to Washington, D.C. in the year 2022.


PROFOH has and continues to strengthen the capacities and capabilities of domestic and international health services across the globe. 


PROFOH is now officially incorporated in the following countries, while having presence in 15 other countries:



United Kingdom, 






South Africa and 



We also have our active membership in many other countries including Brazil, Italy, Czech Republic, Ivory Coast, Honduras, Kenya,  Benin Republic, Liberia, Cameroon and the  United Kingdom for our humanitarian missions.


PROFOH’s funding has largely come from its Board and members, and we have also received financial support from public spirited individuals; organizations and governments, including UNICEF; and the Japanese, Netherlands, and South African governments through their embassies.


Since 1998, PROFOH and its partners have conducted several education missions in public and private schools; provided writing desks; awarded scholarships; donated medical equipment and supplies to several public and private hospitals in Ghana and Nigeria; provided hundreds of households with filters for safe drinking water; immunized more than 50,000 children against Polio; and performed over 20,000 bold surgeries and more than 1.6 million
OP cases globally.

As an organization, we have organized world class summits and forums to recommend solutions to policy makers and respective governments on how to improve the underfunded public health sector and to create a better world.

PROFOH has also participated in several global conferences, roundtables and dialogues, among which are:

 United Nations Conference of State parties in Marrakesh – Morocco, Dubai – UAE,  Athens – Greece, Vienna – Austria,
Amman – Jordan, Istanbul -Turkey

World Bank Springs Meeting Dialogue, Washington, DC, United States.

United Nations General Assembly Stakeholders Hearings on Universal Health Coverage, New York, United States.

UN COP , Vienna, Austria.

COSP 10, Atlanta Georgia United States.

And many more.

The organization has received ten international honors and awards, including Humanitarian Organization of the Year 2013 by GTF London and City of Athens, Greece as well as the 2021 Go-Global Award by International Trade Council, Washington, D.C., USA.

We have equally received Goodwill messages and letters of commendation from world leaders such as Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan, etc..

PROFOH is the official partner of the Medical School of Texas A&M University since 2011-a foremost institution that has provided international leadership in the education of physicians and medical scientists in biomedical research and in the application of medical knowledge for the advance health care delivery globally and also top British government agencies including United Kingdom International Health Management Association (UKIHMA) British Integrated Solutions Export Network, (BISEN).The European Center For Leadership, Education and Entrepreneurship (ECLEE) -France. Etc.

Our Technical Partners includes the following:

WHO TB Partnership – Geneva;

Treatment Action Group – New York; 

United Nations UNCAC – Berlin;

Global Thinkers Forum – London;

International Sanitation Organization – New Jersey;

Commonwealth Foundation – London;

Medical Mission International Texas; United Nations UNODC – Vienna;

Earthwide Surgical Foundation – Texas;

Drug Free Australia – Sydney;

World Bank Springs Meeting Dialogue – Washington, DC;

Global Cancer Care & Research Institute, Nairobi.

UKIHMA , London

BISEN, London 

ECLEE, Paris

A 2 Z Universals FZ-LLC – U.A.E.



Dr. Reem Bissio, Chair – Jordanian.

Dr. Gbemuotor Dan Kama, ED-  Nigerian 

Prof. Brian Camazine – American 

Mr. Cliff Henry Jarrell – American 

Mr. Markus von-Have, German

Dr. Gbaranen Gbanaador – American 

Ms. Melina Masanovic – Serbian

Dr. Alexander Rochlitz – German 

Ms. Angela C. Johnson – American

Dr. Conrado Ordonez – American

Prof. Yitzhak Lippin – Israeli

Mr. Nicolaas Herholdt –  South African .

Ms. Claudia N. Scott – American




Prof. Stuart Quartemont, Chair – American 

Amb. Joe Ayalogu – British

Dr. Marcia Russell – Jamaican 

Ms. Jutta Wisura – German

Mr. Orson Nurse – American 

Mr. Matthias Gerhardy – German 

Ms. Anita Singh – Nepalese

Mr. Yaron Aharon – Israeli

Mr. Mansur Arif Shamsi – Indian 

Ms. Camille Bradshaw – American 

Ms. Sabine Dohlus – German

Mr. Allan Martin – British


Dr. Safiya Umar  -  Chairperson     

Prof. Carol Onyeagwara 

Ms. Obukome Elaine Ibru   

Dr. Ken Allen

Prof. Asu Edward 

Mrs. Doris Yaro 

Mrs. Mesi Usaide

Olorogn Alex  Ojigo  Dedjo

Dr.  Edo-Osagie Ede 

Princess Oyeronke Bolajoko Akinlolu 

Prof. Ben Akhiwu

Dr. Sunny Ekwunife

Mrs. Mesi Usaide

Mr. Obuks Ibru

Prof. Carol Onyeagwara

Ms. Obukome Elaine Ibru   


For more details, please contact. 

Dr Marcia Russell 



PROFOH Headquarters Address: 

112 Upsal Street, SE, Washington, DC 20032-2481, USA. 




























  • Medical intervention of Nigerian’s worst fire disaster Jesse, Delta state – where hundreds of people died and we equally saved hundreds lives. Our work included searching the rain forest for victims who fled for fears of prosecutors by the then Military Government to return for free treatment with financial support from the South African Embassy in Nigeria and UNICEF, Nigeria.

  • Donation of relief materials and drugs to Sapele central hospital and some private clinics including University of Benin Teaching Hospital in Edo State with financial support from The Netherlands Embassy in Nigeria.

  • Monitoring of polio eradication exercise in Rivers State.

  • House to house immunization of over 16,000 Children against polio in Rivers state. We received letters of commendation from traditional rulers and Government officials. With logistics support from Willbros Nigeria limited Port-Harcourt.

  • In collaboration with DOFAN we provided portable water to Atan Winsola community in Akinyele LGA Oyo State. With financial support from the Japanese Embassy in Nigeria.

  • In partnership with AREF and DOFAN. We confronted hunger in Ethiopia with 10,000 USD raised from Public Spirited Nigerians and donated to Ethiopia which made both history and headlines as the first instances of Nigeria group lending assistance to another country.

  • Conducted voluntary medical testing and counseling for over 200 persons in Elele Alimini community in collaboration with a group called Ikweres in Medical for both clinical and laboratory investigations such as liver function test, kidney test, cholesterol level, blood sugar, stroke advert, HIV/AIDS etc, some of the people were issued referrals to Port-Harcourt University Teaching Hospital.

  • In partnership with Christ Haven For Children. We operate a compassion Home for orphans and abandoned Children in Port-Harcourt. Presently we have 32 Children under our care.   We have received food items support from a lot of Nigerians.

  • As a Partner Organization to the European Union in Nigeria under (MPP3) Micro Projects Programme for three States Rivers, Bayelsa and Delta, we have facilitated several communities for such projects. Under (MPP6) we have completed two projects, health center and water project in Ukwa West LGA of Abia State in partnership with an organization called DOLF.

  • In collaboration with the Commonwealth Foundation London. We organized the first Ethnic Tolerance and Sustainable Peace among diverse groups workshop. We received Goodwill messages letters from President Nelson Mandela, President George Bush (snr) President Bill Clinton. etc.

  • In partnership with DOLF we have provided over 45 persons with soft loan to bail them out of brutal poverty, over 400 people are members of our Micro credit scheme in four committees in Rivers State, Rumuola, Elekahia Woji and Oyigbo, our services have been extended to Aba in Abia State. We are also providing non-financial services that improve circumstances of members including initiatives that enable the poor realize their rights, emotional support and matrimony counseling.

  • In partnership with Kporaks Farms distributed improved varieties of hybrid planting crops to local farmers in Ogoni land, Rivers State. Also commissioned by Federal / UNDP assisted programme to conduct short term training for some local farmers in Rivers State.

  • Co- host 2nd All Africa HIV/AIDS Youth Summit, 2003 Hilton Hotel, and Abuja with a key note message from UN Sec. General. Mr. Koffi Annan.

  • Conducted Peace Building workshop in Liberia, Monrovia. Actively participated in the West Africa Social Forum in Lagos. On how to ensure a peaceful general elections next year. We have attended several courses on peace in the Niger Delta organized by MCID /Rivers House of Assembly.

  • Program on advocacy community social mobilization for TB/ HIV infection, we visit three LGA in Rivers state, community dialogue, religious group, peer groups, etc.

  • Since Jesse our medical personnel and non –medical personnel from the USA and Europe have been performing free surgeries at several Hospitals including Eku Baptist Hospital. Delta State, Nigerian Christain  Hospital , Aba , Abia State, ETC ,over 12,000 surgical patients have benefited from these missions, while OPD cases are more than a million patients, locations are Sagamu, Minna, Port Harcourt, Uyo, Jos, Garkida ,Bali, Ziang, Jalingo, Kaduna, Abuja, Onikan, Sapele, Surulere ,Owerri, Afikpo, Ohaji ,Ikeja ,etc


Dr. Safiya.jpg

Dr. Safiya Umar

Dr. Safiya Umar

Chairperson of the Nigeria PROFOH Board

Dr. Safiya is a highly skilled family medicine physician, graduated with Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery and a Master’s degree in Public Health and is expected to pursue her PhD soon. She leads a team of prominent Nigerians whose responsibility is to safeguard the organization vision and mission and provides strategic orientation to our interventions across the Country. Dr. Safiya is also currently the Medical Superintendent of Federal Staff at the Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital in Shika, Kaduna State under ABUTH Shika, Zaria Member of Nigerian Medical Association NMA at the Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital in Shika, Kaduna State besides being member of Nigerian Medical Team, Saudi Arabia, and Member of Board Nigerian Swimming Federation Sport Council, Member Women of Peace in Nigeria (WOPIN) and other organizations..

Dr. Safiya life has been driven by quality leadership with a gift as a soft speaker, calmness and meekness as she has always distinguished herself on delivery of excellence, starting from her high school days as senior prefect to head of unit General Out Patient Department, ABU Teaching Hospital, Tudun-Wada, Zaria and off course, PROFOH Nigeria Board. Dr. Umar is also a member of several bodies. She has all the highest personal standards with regard to honesty, reliability, and commitment to the role and a passion for the work. An emotionally intelligent Board leader who can identify when an element of effective challenge and more is a robust decision maker, an excellent facilitator.

Dr. Safiya had several additional trainings in medicine and public health, they include Up Date House on Perinatology, Case Management of Acute Respiratory, Prevention and Management of Hypertension, Pediatric Life Support and Competency in Effective, etc. Dr. Safiya has been providing quality service in Nigeria’s health care delivery and has served Nigerians in various capacities, General Hospital Bida, and the Nigeria Police Clinic, Minna both in Niger State, MENDS and Barau Dikko Specialist Hospital, Ibrahim Abacha Children Hospital all in Kaduna State.


Dr. Safiya has added value to the organization interventions in Nigeria from provision of radiotherapy to our patients to the participation of medical mission at the St, Gerrald Hospital in Kaduna and secured approval use of facility letter from the Ahmadu Bello Teaching Hospital for medical missions, etc.

Dr. Onyeagwara Ngozi Carol.png

Dr. Onyeagwara Ngozi Carol  

is a Board member of PROFOH Nigeria, she is a consultant physician, and one of Nigeria’s finest- serving her country both spiritually and medically. From a humble beginning at the Annunciation Girls Juniorate in Ogoja, Cross River State to the University of Port Harcourt where she obtained her MBBS while her Postdoctoral Training is at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital, Benin City.

Dr. Onyeagwara Ngozi Carol Specialty is in Medicine, Surgery, pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology’s, she also belongs to several Scientific and Medical Societies including, Nigeria Medical Association, Otorhinolaryngological Society of Nigeria, America Thoracic Society, etc.

Dr. Onyeagwara Ngozi Carol has been with excellence and recognized far back as best graduating student in her university days, Nigeria, ATS small grant research awards in Kenya, etc.

Dr. Onyeagwara Ngozi Carol’s other engagements and responsibility include Post Graduate Coordinator for nearly a decade now at the university of Benin Teaching Hospital, ranking member of the Welfare committee for almost decade now, member of Audit committee of the Medical and Dental Consultant Association of Nigeria, member of Staff Audit Committee of the university of Benin since 2017.

Dr. Onyeagwara Ngozi Carol is an outstanding academician, she has also organized and participated in several medical missions.

Dr. Onyeagwara Ngozi Carol is also a prolific writer and great researcher and published about 20 medical journals and scientific papers including some of the following. 

  • Traumatic tympanic membrane perforation in Nigerian clinical practice -Annals of Biomedical Sciences;

  • Pediatric Tracheostomy and Complications: A 10 -Year Retrospective Case Review – Archives of International Surgery.

  •  Oesophagotomy for Removal of Impacted Oesophageal Foreign Bodies (Nigeria) African Annals Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery;

  • Dynamics In The Trend Of Foreign Bodies In ENT Practice In Nigeria: The Internet Journal of Otorhinolaryngology.

  • Bacterial tonsillar microbiota and antibiogram in recurrent tonsillitis – Biomedical Research.

  •  Disk battery in the nasal cavity: case series – International Journal of Modern and Alternative Medicine Research.

Doris Yaro Nigeria Board.jpg

Ms. Doris Yaro

A Board member of PROFOH Nigeria, a woman of enormous substance, she has served Nigeria and humanity for almost three decades, She is highly educated in Nigeria and additional training at Harvard University ,United States on Conflict Resolution/Management.  Doris Yaro has been described by many as a highly dynamic results-oriented woman with a strong track record in turn around and quality leadership. Her ability to utilize content skills and functional personal relations in development is profound. Ms. Yaro has been credited with keen analysis and insights and team approach to drive organizational improvements and implementation of best practices, Superior interpersonal skills, capable of resolving multiple and complex issues. She has delivered series of paper presentations on gender equality with focus on girl-child education; Poverty eradication, and the need for humanitarian aid/medical relief assistance for internally displaced persons and refugees at international level.


Ms. Doris Yaro currently sits on the board of several non-profits organization across Nigeria. Doris Yaro is also the Founder/Executive Director, Gabasawa Women and Children Empowerment Initiatives (GWCI) since 1999 with functional offices across the six-geo-political zones of Nigeria   (Lagos Borno, Yobe , Delta, FCT-Abuja, Kaduna ,Zamfara, Abia States).


Ms. Doris Yaro presented several papers which had positive impact at national and international level, these included ‘Girl Child Education in the Face of AIDS – A paper presented at United Nations (UN) headquarters, New York United States.


Additionally, Ms. Doris Yaro has raised over 400 million Naira to conduct interventions in also every social sector across Nigeria ,some of her interventions include national campaign for Girl-Child Education across the six-geo-political zones of Nigeria which increased the enrolment of girl-child in schools, Renovation and equipping libraries in secondary schools with books, reference materials and computers, provided humanitarian assistance and relief materials to more than 5000 families who are internally displaced as a result of the ‘Boko-Haram’ insurgencies in northern Nigeria.


Provided five of the abducted Chibok girls that escaped from their ‘Boko Haram’ abductors; with care support, shelter, psycho-social support, medical care, education and later, sponsored their air-tickets for their University in the United States ,  Provided three Ambulances as part of medical relief materials to internally displaced persons (IDPs) in north-east Nigeria, medical relief materials including drugs, hospital consumables and medical equipment to the Nigeria Military comprising of Nigerian Army, Nigerian Airforce and Nigerian Navy for the treatment of wounded soldiers in the on-going war against insurgencies in north-east Nigeria, Facilitated medical equipment donations to several government in the North East of Nigeria , Conducted a joint medical mission with PROFOH in Lagos.


Ms. Doris Yaro’Awards include The Nigerian President’s NYSC Honours and reference Award Certificate, CSW (Commission of Women Status) United Nation (UN), New York, United States, etc.:

Dr Sunny Ekwunife.png

Prof. Sunny F. Ekwunife

An Nigerian-American consultant of family medicine, mental health, internal medicine, public health, Academician with the following training, he obtained a Master of Science degree in Biology from Tennessee State University, Nashville, TN  and subsequently proceeded to the University of Louisville, Kentucky, where he bagged the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Microbiology and Immunology, additional training include  Osteopathic Medicine, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Sunny is also called skilful physician by his friends and colleagues, his skills include Comprehensive knowledge of treatment and management of patients of all age groups (children-elderly) in both outpatient and hospital setting. Adequate knowledge of Osteopathic Manipulation Techniques and its applications as adjunct to complete medical treatment, especially with regards to occupational and rehabilitation medicine. Solid knowledge of gynaecology with good skills in the treatment of non-surgical gynaecological diseases. Experienced in the management of urgent care patients. Solid knowledge and management of patients with substance abuse and addiction problems. Devoted to overall patient education and counselling geared towards primary healthcare and preventive medicine. Solid knowledge of Microbiology and Immunology with good skills in the rapid laboratory detection of etiologic agents of diseases.

His work experience cut across United States and Africa - Resident Physician, in Family Practice at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Philadelphia, Rotating Intern Physician, in Family Medicine at the Hospital Consortium of Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Philadelphia. Research Scientist, (Microbiologist), Intramural Research Program, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institute of Health, Bethesda, Maryland.  He was an Assistant Professor in the Biological Sciences by the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Maryland. He continued to teach, and was also involved in active academic research, culminating in the publication of many papers in different scientific journals. He also served as a Research Scientist at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institute of Health (NIH), Intramural Research Program. Norristown State Hospital, Norristown PA. Consultant Physician, John F. Kennedy Mental Health, Philadelphia, PA. Consultant Physician, Addiction Medicine and Health Advocates, Philadelphia, PA. Medical Director, State Correctional Institute, Huntingdon, PA.

In Africa, he served as Senior Special Assistant on General Hospitals to the Governor of Anambra State, Nigeria and also Chairman, Anambra State Primary Healthcare Development Agency. He is a member of several professional organizations; they include the following:

  • Member, American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians. Member, Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Association.

  • Member, Physicians for Social Responsibility.

  • Member, American Society for Microbiologists.

  • Member, Board, Professionals For Humanity(PROFOH)

  • Member, Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria. 


He has published several books. Prof Sunny has served humanity through PROFOH for years and has conducted medical mission for PROFOH. He is married and bless with four children and currently lives in PA. United States.

Princess Oyeronke B. Akinola Board Nigeria.jpg

Princess Oyeronke Bolajoko Akinlolu 

Princess Oyeronke B. Akinlolu is very vast and committed member of the organization, who believes in charity across Nigeria, she is highly educated, extensive travelled, a conflict resolution expert. She is a committed mother, lover of children and a less privileged background, ranking member Nigeria/Israel/ Business Forum for more than a decade, African Women Leadership Organization, Yoruba Indigenes Foundation, Voice of Reason Advocate, African/American Youths in Agriculture and Education Development, etc.

Princess Oyeronke B. Akinlolu was appointed as Board member of the Oyo State Tourism Board through which she has her rich experience in the tourism, international cultural exchange and she actively advocates of free health care for women and children. She is serving the people of Oyo state Nigeria on the humanitarian platform actively.  

Princess Oyeronke B. Akinlolu is also sitting on the board of several civil society Organizations. She is the Founder and National President of Concerned Yoruba Mothers Foundation which sees to the urgent needs of widows, single mothers, Aged, less privileged women, Youths, out of school children most especially girl/ child education which she is very passionate about.

Princess Oyeronke B. Akinlolu is a great mobilizer of women across Nigeria as demonstrated when she led a group of women representatives from across Nigeria to meet with a former Nigerian President who happens to be the life Patron, The organization is not only incorporated at the CAC but also got it registered with Federal Ministry of Budget& National Planning, Federal Ministry of Women Affairs, Federal Ministry of Education and recently with the United Nations (UNESCO).

Princess Oyeronke B. Akinlolu, has taken the flag of PROFOH Nigeria to several states for visibility but more importantly to conduct free medical missions.

Prof. Akhiwu Benjamin Nigeria Board.png

Prof. Akhiwu Benjamin

A Nigerian, a Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon. He has been a specialist Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon for nearly two decades. Additionally, Dr. Akhiwu Ben has three Masters Degrees under his belt - Health economics, Clinical epidemiology and Bioinformatics and Genomics. He is a fellow of the International Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (IAOMS) USA, Fellow of the Association of Osteosynthesis (FAO) as well as a fellow of the international college of surgeons (FICS).

He is also the Dean of the Faculty of Dental Sciences University of Jos. Dr. Akhiwu is also an Honorary Consultant and the Head of the Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery Department of Jos University Teaching Hospital. Dr. Akhiwu Ben has over 45 publications to his belt both National and internationally recognized peer reviewed journals.  Also supervise master’s students and resident doctor’s dissertation and thesis. Serve as a reviewer for several national and international journals in addition to being on the editorial board of one national and another international journal.

Prof. Ben has served humanity through PROFOH for the past six years and participated in organization medical and surgical outreaches he is also volunteer for other organizations both locally and internationally bringing free health care to the less privileged and vulnerable members of our society. He is married with four children and currently lives in Jos. Nigeria.


Dr Ede Ben Edo-Osagie

A Nigerian PROFOH Board member, Dr Ede Ben Edo-Osagie is an amiable, innovative, and passion driven family Physician with years of experience in general practice and Primary healthcare initiatives. He is a senior volunteer and member of the Nigerian board of directors for PROFOH (professional for humanity), member of the United Nations volunteer with Roster No. UNV. 1447671. A member of the Nigerian Medical Association, Secretary of the Society for family physician of Nigeria (SOFPON) Edo State Chapter. "Dr Ben" fondly called by closed associates, facilitates and support Global and local healthcare missions for oasishnw Foundation which he chairs the board, also noteworthy is the recent inclusion of oasishnw services Ltd as a partner of PROFOH international. Dr Ben presides as country director for the Margaret Laurent Eye Foundation based in Canada. Furthermore, he is a pioneer co-facilitator of the BLW aka believer's Loveworld Prenatal program, a volunteer with the medical corps (the VMC), a senior volunteer with the African Primary Healthcare Foundation (APHF) based in the US. He is passionate about healthcare development in Africa, the global space and promotion of social health care with tangible love expressions for the less privileged.

He is a Member of the West African and National Post-graduate college. He majors in the directorate activities of a viable growing start-up, oasishnw services Ltd, a health consultancy, product and wellness service company that specializes in qualitative and quantitative concierge home-based medical services, medical outreaches, health education, medical diagnostics and health technology applications to drive primary health initiatives to all, especially the rural areas, under-served and internally displaced persons.

He is a certified member of the Canadian Society for international health (CSIH), now CAGH (Canadian Association of Global Health), he is also a member of the Canadian Association of Global Health Researchers’(CAGHR), he holds a certificate in digital health at the McGill Summer institutes of Global Health, Canada.

Obukome Ibru photo.jpg

AMB. Obukome Elaine Ibru

Obukome has been an active and top-ranking member of PROFOH for nearly two decades. Born into a family with huge and diverse business interests, she has been groomed and professionally trained by practice for the achievement of optimal business excellence. She is skilled at overcoming complex business challenges and making high-stake decisions, using experience-backed judgement. 


Obukome is a proponent for accountability, strong work ethics, and a beacon of integrity and honesty. Known to only a few, is her side that promotes and practices dedicated service to humanity, which is most visible in her over three decades of philanthropy, beginning in her high school days in Cheshire, in the United Kingdom. Educated in the United Kingdom, USA, and Nigeria, she is highly educated and widely travelled.


Obukome is a member and or board member on the boards of several local and international organizations; Lions club International, Rotary Club International, Distinguished Ladies Initiative (an organization dedicated to women, health and welfare issues, human trafficking, violence reduction and cyber bullying), and 1000 Nigerian peace Ambassadors. Obukome also founded and runs ObuksIbru Initiative, an organization with focus on improvement of children’s education opportunities, scholarship awards for vulnerable children, soup kitchens, COVID-19 Support Program, Free medical missions, Provision of potable drinking water in rural communities and households, poverty reduction activities, via training and startup capital empowerment programs across Nigeria. Obukome has conducted medical missions for PROFOH across Nigeria.

Olorogun Alex DEDJO Turkey - Nigeria PROFOH.png


OLOROGUN:ALEX OJIGHO DEDJO is the Chairman Of The Board Of Directors at Oil Dissolver West Africa Ltd., APPOD NIG Ltd., EURATEC -LAURIDSEN Ltd., DEDJO FOODS, DEDJOBAU INTERNATIONAL İNŞAAT TAAHHÜT SAN.TİC.LTD.ŞTİ. TÜRKEY and ALOADD GLOBAL SERVICES GERMANY apart being a prominent Nigeria PROFOH Board member since 2011, he has facilitated several medical missions in Lagos as part of his company Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). He  is currently the PROFOH official representative in Turkey in charge of international strategy-setting, operationalization, partnerships and conduct visibility of the organization in that part of the world.

OLOROGUN:ALEX OJIGHO DEDJO is a private sector and social entrepreneur driven, especially in the area of climate sustainability and the protection of the environment. He chairs the board of Oil Dissolver in the entire West Africa   including several companies in Germany, Nigeria and Turkey.

OLOROGUN:ALEX OJIGHO DEDJO expertise and skills in the Construction, Power, Food, Furniture and Real Estate sector is profound. He has a proven record of turn around and very successful in global consultancy. His interest in social work and quality health care span three decade, only recently he was recognized and honored by top Turkish government officials to commissioned Sports Complex built by the Turkish government.

OLOROGUN:ALEX OJIGHO DEDJO is highly educated, after his education, his career started as site engineer at massive hospital project as (NNPC Hospital Warri) he was literally responsible for the construction and handled various responsibilities at that sector for more a decade. The acquired in-depth experience led to acquisition of property and real estate sector and related businesses such as Power supply and currently international furniture and household supplies, resides in Turkey with his family, he speaks English, Turkish, and German languages.


Suit 206, APC Plaza, Off IBB Way, 
Wuse Zone 4, Abuja -FCT
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