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Mr. Markus Von Have, who is Global Board Member is the PROFOH Germany Country Director.

Professionals For Humanity (PROFOH) is a global brand that was  established in October 1998, our first interventions took place in Jesse , Delta State, Nigeria.


That mission was supported by the Netherlands Embassy, South Africa High Commission, UNICEF, etc.


Since inception, our mandate has been to provide emergency services portfolio that consists of health, quality education, safe drinking water, poverty reduction interventions and Climate Sustainability . around the world. Our global membership is about 10,000 professionals.


PROFOH’s headquarters  is  located located in Washington, D.C. United States.


The organization has and continues to strengthen the capacities and capabilities of domestic and international health services across the globe. 


PROFOH is now officially incorporated in the following countries, while having presence in 15 other countries:


United States  








South Africa 

United Kingdom 


PROFOH’s funding has largely come from its Board and members, and we have also received financial support from public spirited individuals; organizations and governments, including UNICEF; and the Japanese, Netherlands, and South African governments through their embassies.


Since 1998, PROFOH and its partners have conducted several education missions in public and private schools; provided writing desks; awarded scholarships; donated medical equipments and supplies to several public and private hospitals in Ghana and Nigeria; provided hundreds of households with filters for safe drinking water; immunized more than 50,000 children against Polio; and performed over 20,000  bold surgeries and more than 1.6 million out patients cases globally.


As an organization, we have organized world class summits and forums to recommend solutions to policy makers and respective governments on how to improve the underfunded public health sector and to create a better world.


PROFOH has also participated in several global conferences, roundtables and dialogues, among which are:


United Nations Conference of State parties in Marrakesh – Morocco, Dubai – UAE, Athens – Greece, Vienna – Austria, Amman – Jordan,  Instanbul -Turkey

World Bank Springs Meeting Dialogue, Washington, DC, United States.

United Nations General Assembly Stakeholders Hearings on Universal Health Coverage, New York, United States.

UN COP , Vienna, Austria.

COSP 10, Atlanta Georgia United States.

And many more.



The organization has received ten international honours and awards, including Humanitarian Organization of the Year 2013 by GTF London and City of Athens, Greeceas well as the 2021 Go-Global Award by International Trade Council, Washington, D.C., USA.


We have equally received Goodwill messages and letters of commendation from world leaders such as Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Koffi Anna,etc..


PROFOH is the official  partner  of the Medical School of Texas A&M University since 2011-a foremost institution that has provided international leadership in the education of physicians and medical scientists in biomedical research and in the application of medical knowledge for the advance health care delivery globally and also top British government agencies including United Kingdom International Health Management Association ( UKIHMA) British Integrated Solutions Export Network,( BISEN)

The European Center For Leadership, Education and Entrepreneurship (ECLEE) -France.



Some of our technical partners includes the following:


WHO TB Partnership – Geneva;

Treatment Action Group – New York; 

United Nations UNCAC – Berlin;

Global Thinkers Forum – London;

International Sanitation Organization – New Jersey;

Commonwealth Foundation – London;

Medical Mission International Texas; United Nations UNODC – Vienna;

Earthwide Surgical Foundation – Texas;

Drug Free Australia – Sydney;

World Bank Springs Meeting Dialogue – Washington, DC;

Global Cancer Care & Research Institute, Nairobi.

UKIHMA , London

BISEN, London 

ECLEE, Paris



Dr. Reem Bissio, Chair – *Jordanian* .

Dr. Gbemuotor Dan Kama, ED- *Nigerian* 

Prof. Brian Camazine, *American* 

Mr. Cliff  Henry Jarrell, *American* 

Mr. Markus von-Have, *German* 

Dr. Gbaranen Gbanaador, *American* 

Ms. Melina Masanovic, *Serbian* .

Dr. Alexander Rochlitz, *German* 

Ms. Angela C. Johnson, *American* .

Dr. Conrado Ordonez, *American* .

Prof. Yitzhak Lippin, *Israeli* .

Mr. Nicolaas Herholdt, *South* *African* .

Ms. Claudia N. Scott, *American* .




Prof. Stuart Quartemont, Chair, *American* 

Amb. Joe Ayalogu, *British* 

Dr. Marcia Russell, *Jamaican* 

Ms. Jutta Wisura, *German* .

Mr. Orson Nurse, *American* 

Mr. Matthias Gerhardy, *German* 

Ms. Anita Singh, *Nepalese* 

Mr. Yaron Aharon, *Israeli* 

Mr. Mansur Arif Shamsi, *Indian* 

Ms. Camille Bradshaw, *American* 

Ms. Sabine Dohlus, *German*

Mr. Allan Martin, *British*..


Dr. Alexander Rochlitz, Chair

Mr.Markus von-Have.

Ms. Jutta Wisura

Dr. Mustapha Sabra

Mr.Mathias Gerhardy

Ms. Sabine Dohlus

Ms. Nela Schuster.

For details, please contact.

Mr. Markus von-Have.

News and Events

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