Jahresbericht 2012

The year 2012 was full of successful efforts for the purpose of the guideline of Profoh.

Profoh is working for good governance right at the base of the vulnerable communities of Africa, as no meaningful development can take place in the absence of healthy citizens. To support such sustainable development the projects are fixed on several working points: intensive medical intervention, education, training skills of staff, providing drinking water/food/sanitation, building health care infrastructure and providing electricity and media development.


Active in the participation of Freedom of Information Act training by Media Right Agenda funded by the British High Commission and Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Nigeria on how to use the hard fought law to fight corruption. Profoh pledges to support smaller organisations financially to trickle down the law if they meet our requirement of support. Profoh has supported one of such organisation financially.

Capacity building of a digital/video conference at the United States embassy in Lagos on the effective use of Nigeria Freedom of Information Act to fight corruption. We also participated actively.

Issued press statements, e.g.:

Calling on government to probe the aviation sector in Nigeria after four plane/helicopter crashes.

Medical missions

Four free medical missions characterized the year 2012. As diseased citizens are not just expression but also feed of corruption, Profoh distributed thousands of different materials, equipments, foods to Nigeria, Ghana, Benin and Liberia. Notably, during 2012 more than 500 patients had operations on the average of two surgeries in one patient, about 4000 had clinical consultations and treatments.

  1. March 2012:
    • Apapa Lagos (Nigeria): The population of Lagos state about 20 million is more than six African countries combined with the urban poor often suffering more than the rural. 39 patients were operated by the team, over 1000 were consulted or treated clinically. The mission was published in Nigeria national dailies ‘This day’ and ‘Vanguard’.
    • Sapele Delta State (Nigeria): Charles Obule Medical Centre. 21 procedures on 14 patients, about 300 were consulted clinically.
  2. June – July 2012:
    • Taraba State (Nigeria): In the three weeks in Taraba State Profoh performed over 100 surgeries and more than 900 clinical consultations.
    • Jalingo and Zing: At the Zing Government Hospital in Taraba State. Outstanding, Profoh opened up medical equipment that was purchased by the government and locked up by the bureaucracy.
    • Bali: Most of the surgeries were performed without electricity in darkness but with mobile phone lights.
  3. Sept – Oct 2012:
    • Owerri and Aba (Nigeria): Supporting the development of sources of water and performed about 35 free surgical operations and 100 treatments.
    • Lagos (Nigeria): This mission has to be continued. Profoh plan to establish a hospital in Lagos (see below).
    • Accra and Ho (Ghana): In St Moses Clinic about 200 persons were seen clinically and over 30 patients were operated. The team proceeded to Ho on the invitation of the city Major whom Profoh has signed MoU with. Profoh made an assessment for the next medical mission there.
  4. 2012: Ten different locations across Nigeria, Monrovia, Cotonou, Accra. Several local governments, communities and organisations requested Profoh’s assistance when the worst floods disaster in Nigeria’s history since independence happened. Profoh responded by deploying relief materials to plenty cities in Nigeria. In addition Benin, Ghana and Liberia received some clinical components and the medical personnel treated a number of patients. Also Profoh issued a press statement calling for probe and investigation of the one billion US dollars spent by various governments on floods relief mission.
  5. 2008- 2012: Project accountability in the corrupt-ridden health sector during our free medical missions across West Africa: Empowering citizens to report corruption in public hospitals and health institutions. Profoh succeeded in influencing the three monthly salaries of workers of the governmental hospital that had not been paid.

Participation in several anti corruption conferences, seminars, workshops including

June – July 2012: West Africa Director of Profoh served as UNCAC regional Coordinator for West and Central Africa, increasing UNCAC (individual and organization) in the region, promoting and advancing the review mechanism across the region, building capacity of other CSOs (Civil Society Organizations) to continue the fight against loud and silent corruption in their respective locations.

Active in the participation of Nigeria Presidency Conference (NEITI) on corruption early 2012.

Active in the initiative EDAMA (Engaging Democratic Activists for MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Advancement).

Organised INEE (Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies) global meet up in Oct 2012 on UN Secretary General ‘Education First Initiative’.

Met ECOWAS Commission in Abuja (Regional Bloc) on the possibility of granting our coalition UNCAC to an observer status at ECOWAS meetings and the review mechanism.

Held two advocacy meetings on the fight against corruption.

Skill Training:

Physicians and health workers need to update constantly to offer their patients the best possible treatments. Training of local physicians and other Community Health Workers (CHWs) are critical for the success of Profoh’s work. The use of CHWs is widespread in most of the impoverished communities. Due to the shortage of trained doctors patients often get wrong prescriptions Profoh supported a campaign launched by leading organisations including UNAIDS and the UN Secretary General’s Office to train and recruit one million additional CHWs in Africa in order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

Special goals for the expansion of the work of Profoh:

Invitations of several Governments, e.g. Cameroon, South Sudan.

Professionals for Humanity (Profoh) will be soon registered in South Africa also as Liberia and Benin in 2013.

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